You have the money on your list; don’t waste it!

You have the money on your list; don’t waste it!

You probably already know that getting a satisfied customer to buy again is much simpler than getting a new customer to buy from you.

Despite the fact that this is common knowledge, the fact that many of my clients do not market to their existing customers still astonishes me.

A truly simple and reasonable method for doing this is through email showcasing. You can achieve a number of significant objectives by collecting and making use of the email addresses of your clients in order to keep in touch with them.

1. The most important thing is that they never forget about you. Keep in mind that it is not the responsibility of your customers to remember you; rather, it is your responsibility to do so. The repeat sales cycle can often take years to complete, and during that time, they probably learned about your rivals in some way.

2. Increasing sales is the second objective. Frequently, you offer additional products and services that your client may not be aware of. Imagine if you could increase peripheral sales by even ten percent, whether they are accessories or cleaning products for your core offering or ongoing maintenance. What would that mean for your company?

The fact that all of a company’s customer contact information is kept in paper files is a major challenge for many businesses. It would be difficult to convert this information into a digital format. The advantages endure despite the perceived size of this undertaking. Once you have a digital list, you can use it to contact your customers as often as once per month.

Now, a lot of the feedback I get says that everyone already gets a lot of spam mail, and nobody wants to be that pushy, aggressive business. You don’t have to, actually. There is a right and wrong way to market email, and getting your customers to open your emails is the key.

Customers will undoubtedly grow accustomed to your emails and come to view them as irritating if you keep asking them to buy something from you. This won’t help your sales or your company’s reputation in any way. Delivering value is the best way to ensure that your customers will happily receive your email.

What are typical issues that your clients encounter? What do they care about? You will establish yourself as an expert who can be relied upon to solve their problems. As a result, when they are ready to buy again, you will remain in their minds. Additionally, it positions you so that occasional sales pitches won’t irritate them.

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