The Best Way to Make Money from Videos.

The Best Way to Make Money from Videos.

The Best Way to Make Money from Videos.

Consider your current display advertising CPMs. Now, divide that number by 13. One publisher’s CPMs increased by that much when they started doing video.

Is your pulse a little fast? It is typical. When most publishers consider the potential of video ad monetization, they have this feeling.

You are on the right path to increasing your revenue if you are considering monetizing with video advertising. However, there are multiple ways to monetize video ads, and if you’re like the majority of publishers, you want the most effective method.

That is the subject of the entire article. Find out everything you need to know by reading on.

The Best Way to Make Money from Videos.

How video ads are made money.

Want to see how video ad monetization works from 30,000 feet up? It is as follows:

-You connect demand from agencies or advertisers who want to get their video ads in front of your users on your website or app.

– On your website or app, you install a video player that can receive and display video ads.

-The video player sends out a request for a video ad unit whenever a user makes an impression on your platform, which typically results in a programmatic auction.

-The triumphant bid will serve their video promotion to your client.

That is one sale, and this can happen a huge number of times each day, contingent upon the size of your crowd. And keeping in mind that there is a lot of variety in this cycle, including a wide range of various innovation and strategies, the essential trade is in every case some type of you selling impressions you’re creating on your exceptional substance to purchasers who have promotions to show.

How to Make Money from Video Ads.

In an effort to maximize your ad revenue, there are a plethora of options available within the fundamental framework of video ad monetization. Some of those factors include the following:

Header bidding on videos.

The majority of publishers are fairly conversant with the fundamentals of programmatic advertising by this point. They are just as applicable to display advertising as they are to video advertising.

Header bidding, an innovation in programmatic advertising, also applies to video advertising. Additionally, it has the potential to transform your revenue.

The typical programmatic auction is reimagined as video header bidding. The client still unconsciously starts a call for offers, bidders actually make their offers similarly as they would in a regular cascade sell off, however they are ignorant concerning different offers, and all bid at the same time.

Then, the winner is the highest bid, not the first acceptable bid. Furthermore, the distributer gets the most extreme income.

Header bidding is a must if you want to actually make the most of your revenue when it comes to video advertising on any scale.

Network for video ads.

The tried-and-true methods are still important in the larger ecosystem of demand for your video inventory, despite the excitement of video header bidding. That is a fancy way to say that you should keep video ad networks in mind.

Publishers sell these networks video impressions, which they then resell to buyers. They’re a reliable method for selling unsold impressions so you never have a promotion demand go unfilled, however they don’t necessarily in every case present a similar CPM benefits as different types of video advertisement adaptation.


Some of the most successful publishers in the world use direct sales as their secret weapon. This is due to the fact that advertisers are willing to pay astronomical premiums for direct-sold inventory when it comes from well-known publishers that have a direct line to audiences that are of interest.

Ads for video players in and of the video itself.

When it comes to monetizing video ads, the location of the ads is another question to answer. That may immediately seem obvious to you: in a player for video.

You’re basically on the right track. However, you can use that video player to play video content, which you can then monetize with ads, or you can use it as a separate player for video ads, which are typically embedded in your content.

The Best Way for Publishers to Make Money from Videos.

So, which approach is the most effective? That is a difficult question to answer due, in part, to the fact that selecting just one results in losing the advantages of the others.

We developed a powerful but light video player. We make video content for specific verticals that you can monetize with ads. We create highly valuable and eye-catching video ad units. A highly developed video header bidding network also helps us connect you with high demand for your video ad inventory.

In advertising technology, it’s not often that you get both good and bad things at once. However, that is the reason we are so proud of what we have built.

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