If you want to hire the best offshore developers for your company.

If you want to hire the best offshore developers for your company.

you need to have a reliable recruitment process. Your seaward improvement group’s experience will be pivotal here. We believe we have perfected the process of building IT teams offshore. To find the best offshore developers for our partners, we follow a seven-step procedure.

Talent Search: the first contact, prescreening, and search.Test of Logical Ability: to ensure that candidates can easily solve complex problems.
Technical Knowledge: a one-day practical evaluation in the office with our technical panel to measure comprehension of concepts.Assignment Demo: a home project lasting three days to get a complete picture of the candidates’ ability to design a solution.Interview for HR: a thorough screening to learn more about each candidate’s personality and unique traits.Interview with manager: a conversation to see if a developer is a good fit for your company’s culture.Last Stage: You conduct the final interviews and select your winners.The Scalers’ approach: the smart way to move your business overseas At The Scalers, we use a straightforward three-step model to help you move your business overseas.

1. We build your team Our Bangalore-based offshore developers, who have created cutting-edge software for Google, Amazon, and IBM, are among the best engineers in the world. Every year, 1.5 million engineers graduate in India. We select the top 1%.

2. We run your activitiesOur hands-off system allows you to zero in your group, programming advancement, and business development. We do the heavy lifting for you in terms of operations and administration.

3. You can grow without limits. We can help you quickly increase capacity and expand. A Chief Happiness Officer works with your engineers in Bangalore to put your vision and culture into action.

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