Your site’s articles are a big part of getting

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Your site’s articles are a big part of getting free organic traffic from search engines. However, those articles must target the appropriate keywords. I find dozens of high-value keywords using the MoneyWords Matrix keyword method. After that, I create the articles by employing those keywords.It is a good idea to outsource the creation of your articles in order to speed up production and save time. I create products and articles via Craigslist Philippines. There are freelancers there who are good but cheap.I make a list to ensure that the website niches are as effective as possible. To build a list, you must give your website visitors some kind of incentive (a reason to give you their name and email address). A free report, free video, and free audio are common incentives.

A well-crafted email mini-course is unparalleled. A mini-course is nothing more than a 10- to 15-part email series that teaches subscribers about a particular niche. Therefore, once a visitor opts in to your website, they wil begin receiving the one lesson per day mini-course in their email inbox.Your short course accomplishes two significant tasks simultaneously: It sells your product and establishes a relationship with your subscribers.

As I mentioned earlier, my website’s niches traffic generation system is built on articles. The equation is: free traffic for life with money keywords, strategic article marketing, and the Clickbank affiliate program.