It will never be. Yes, there will be constant change

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Work with them—the gurus—because they had the means to oppose these enormous corporations. You have to say that their strategy is correct—both for them and the individual with the money. Let’s collaborate. They had spent years creating their organizations and were now opening them up to us, the struggling individual, for only a few thousand dollars.

Therefore, has the era of the entry-level businessperson passed?I do not believe so. It will never be. Yes, there will be constant change and, of course, consolidation. In terms of the number of potential customers it can sell to, Facebook is significantly larger than Google. However, there was once AOL; what has become of them?It’s a given that things will alter.It is a given that there will be consolidation and change.However, there will always be space for the individual. It will always take more effort and require more planning, and the strategy that worked last year won’t work this year.However, the world’s marketplace is the Internet.

And everyone uses Search to find what they want. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot to get in front of those searches with good SEO, thorough research, and a well-thought-out strategy. Simply work.