In fact, people have used a variety

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If you own a beautiful keyboard or instrument, you’ll want to take good care of it. As a result, there are numerous piano bench covers or piano covers on the market that perfectly fit the instrument. However, if you have a unique model and want something a little different from the stock items, it’s probably best to have something made to order.

In fact, people have used a variety of objects to protect their beloved instruments over time. In the 1920s, silk shawls with long fringes were in vogue, and Victorian instruments were protected in a variety of ways. Indeed, Victorians were so prudish that the legs had to be hidden because they might remind a man of a woman’s leg!

Blankets and quilts have also been used over time, and given that some hand-made quilts now fetch a lot of money, it’s no surprise that this isn’t done as often. In any event, hanging draperies and papers have been utilized too yet this doesn’t give an excellent security or look by the same token.