Important For the Twitter Marketer

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Everyone seems to make the big mistake of getting carried away and thinking that the people who follow you don’t need to connect with you, feel safe, or care about them. Put it this way: you wouldn’t just walk into a meeting room with a customer for the first time and start yelling out offers or inundating them with information, now would you? I certainly hope not.

Why not use Twitter instead? It is essential to maintain a certain level of Twitter etiquette in order to demonstrate respect to your followers and build a more intimate relationship with them. This will ensure that they trust you, purchase your products for the right reasons, and you become known for your quality rather than your optimism.

What exactly is “Twittiquette” and why is it important for Twitter marketing? The fundamentals of Twittiquette can be summarized as follows:1) Don’t treat your fans lightly. If you replied to someone, you would hope they would have the good sense to do so or at least give you a way to get in touch with them. When it comes to Twitter, this is definitely good etiquette and important.