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I’m going to help a few of you see the big picture of how online people make a lot of money every month.You probably go over sites that show you screen shots of their pay. While some are very genuine, many are forged. I’m going to concentrate on people on ClickBank, for instance, who are actually making between $100 and $10,000 per day.Just be aware that this is produced on a daily basis by a number of individuals.

They do it this way:They have their own product that, in addition to bringing in an initial sale of, say, $77, has a back end that has the potential to bring in monthly recurring commissions.As a result, they take home $77 upfront and $57 monthly. That is the very thing that the item proprietor is making when they initially begin.

However, they are aware that turning each and every customer into an army of affiliates can yield significant profits.Therefore, if the product costs $77, the affiliate and the vendor each receive $38.50, or 50% of the purchase price. Both parties benefit from it.