How can desktop and mobile TikTok posts be scheduled?

How can desktop and mobile TikTok posts be scheduled?

How can desktop and mobile TikTok posts be scheduled?

Are you getting sick of trying to adhere to your TikTok posting schedule while glued to your phone? Have you ever wished that you could schedule your TikTok content to post at a certain time, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks?

That’s good news! On desktop and mobile devices, scheduling posts on TikTok is possible.

Businesses and content creators can benefit especially from scheduling posts on TikTok. because it makes it possible for you to prepare your content in advance and guarantee a regular posting schedule. It can also be of assistance to people who want to remain active on the platform but lack the time to post frequently. You can schedule posts on TikTok so you don’t have to check in all the time and still keep your followers interested with new content.

So, exactly how do you schedule posts on TikTok? TikTok has a scheduling feature built in, but it has some limitations. You can schedule your TikTok posts in advance with the assistance of a few third-party tools.

How can desktop and mobile TikTok posts be scheduled?

How Do I Schedule Posts on TikTok?

There are two ways to schedule posts on TikTok from a desktop or mobile device.

There are two ways to schedule posts on TikTok from your desktop:

– On the desktop, use the native TikTok video scheduler.

If you want to schedule posts on TikTok from a mobile device:

-Use the mobile app from a third party.

Let’s examine each approach and consider its advantages and disadvantages.

How to Schedule Posts to TikTok from a PC:

1. Upload your TikTok video.

You can begin creating your TikTok post as soon as your account on TikTok is connected. Select the “Create Post” option. By clicking the “Choose File” button and selecting the video file from your computer, you will then be able to upload your TikTok video directly from your PC.

2. Set a time for your TikTok post.

You can choose the date and time at which you want the post to go live after you have uploaded your video. Simply use the calendar and clock icons on the dashboard to select the desired date and time.

3. On your phone, approve the post.

You can easily schedule posts to TikTok from your desktop by following these steps. When it comes to the process of creating content, this can help maintain order and save time.

The TikTok Native Video Scheduler is a tool for scheduling TikTok posts.

Creator and business accounts can schedule a TikTok post on the web upload page using the TikTokVideo Scheduler. The post will appear on both TikTok’s web and mobile app versions once it has been scheduled.

While the TikTok Native Video Scheduler is a useful tool for pre-planning your TikTok posts, you should be aware of its limitations: The following are some of the TikTok Video Scheduler’s limitations:

-Strictly limited posts: You can only schedule up to 10 posts per month, and the scheduling timeline is limited: TikTok posts can only be scheduled up to 10 days in advance. There is no editing flexibility: The caption, video, and schedule cannot be edited or changed after a post has been scheduled. You must delete it and begin again.

-You can’t schedule posts to multiple TikTok accounts -You can’t schedule your TikTok post to other social media platforms -If you want to schedule multiple videos more than 10 days in advance, you’ll have to do it all over again. When content creators want to schedule multiple posts at once, this can take a long time and is not practical.

The TikTok Video Scheduler prevents you from scheduling posts to multiple accounts, which is yet another limitation. It is merely a method for anticipating a single post. You will need to use a different tool if you want to schedule multiple posts or a regular posting schedule.

How do I schedule posts on TikTok from my phone?

You can schedule posts for multiple social media platforms, including TikTok, from your mobile device using third-party Android and iOS mobile apps.

-Obtain the application from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

-Sign in to the mobile application.

-To create a post, tap the + icon in the upper right corner.

-Upload your video and add captions and hashtags.

-Select the date and time you want to schedule your post.

-Select TikTok as the platform on which you want to schedule your post.

-Select any other social media platforms where you want to post.

-Tap “Schedule.”

-Your post will be scheduled, and you will receive a push notification to

You can easily edit your scheduled post and save the changes if you want to change your schedule, edit your video, or change the caption.

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