Google Open Bidding: What is It?

Google Open Bidding: What is It?

Google Open Bidding: What is It?

If you haven’t already, you will eventually discover this: Publishers must pay attention when Google develops technology for the advertising industry. Why? because Google’s tools are typically of the highest quality and it dominates the digital advertising industry.

Google Open Bidding is a good example of this. Open Bidding is a tool that publishers who want to make the most of their ad revenue can use to their advantage. It was developed as an alternative to header bidding but is marketed as something better.

However, what exactly is Open Bidding and how does it operate? We get into all of that and more here.

Google Open Bidding: What is It?

Concerning Google Open Bidding

Beginning with a definition is often helpful when discussing a tool like Open Bidding:

Google Open Bidding: What Is It?

As a component of Google Ad Manager, Google Open Bidding is a unified auction for ad inventory that takes place on Google’s ad servers. In order to boost CPMs, it enables publishers to incorporate third-party demand into Google Ad Manager in order to compete with Google demand.

That sums up Open Bidding, but there is much more to it. In the FAQs below, we’ll discuss that.

FAQs for Google Open Bidding.

Do you have concerns regarding Google Open Bidding? Find the information you need below:

Is there a difference between open and header bidding?

Although Open Bidding is not the same as Header Bidding, it aims to increase both your total demand and the number of sources of demand in order to raise CPMs. Additionally, a single auction is used in both procedures.

Open Bidding, on the other hand, was promoted by Google as a simpler alternative to header bidding. Additionally, Open Bidding truly is simpler when it comes to performing header bidding on your own. This is because every time you add a new demand source to your setup, you don’t have to worry about JavaScript, wrappers, or complicated integrations.

To add new demand sources, you simply modify your Ad Manager settings.


Yes, mobile apps can use Open Bidding. However, the arrangement differs slightly.

To begin, you would simply incorporate the Open Bidding software development kit (SDK) into your app rather than employing tagging as you would for a website. Any app developer will likely be familiar with that procedure; the key is to ensure that the Open Bidding SDK is compatible with the other SDKs you have already integrated.

The fact that Open Bidding can be a single component of a more complex mediation process facilitated by Google Ad Manager is another significant distinction between Open Bidding for desktop and Open Bidding for mobile. Open Bidding can be integrated into this process, but it is not a unified ad auction by default. It’s a classic waterfall where yield partners from third parties are called one at a time.

That is a verbose approach to saying that Open Offering takes care of business for portable applications, yet the arrangement cycle and definite manner by which it works are fairly unique.

Can I use open bidding if I have a lot of technical knowledge?

The level of technical proficiency required by an ad tech tool is probably subjective. Nevertheless, it is true that Open Bidding, like the majority of Google tools, was created for the less technically savvy of us.

Open Bidding may be appealing to those with less technical knowledge, particularly as an alternative to the conventional header bidding method. This is because Open Bidding chooses to use familiar controls in the Ad Manager settings rather than attempting to build header bidding wrappers or modify code to integrate new bidders.

One proviso, obviously, is that utilizing Open Offering may not need a lot of specialized information, yet integrating it into a bigger methodology and ensuring it is working at most extreme limit will unavoidably require the specialized ability of a promotion tech master.

Get Open Offering Interest and Substantially More.

In the end, Open Bidding serves a single purpose for publishers: incorporating additional demand to raise CPMs, including demand from outside Google’s sphere of influence. That is a goal that can be supported by everyone in this room.

We have developed a revenue amplification platform that actually incorporates Open Bidding as a tool because it is our objective to maximize revenue. But it does much more than that.

The best revenue-generating platform ever developed for publishers consists of a leading consent management platform (CMP), a proprietary data management platform (DMP), and a service led by the best minds in ad tech.

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