Google Adsense: How to Make Money

Google Adsense: How to Make Money

Google Adsense: How to Make Money

Google AdSense is a straightforward method for digital publishers to outsource their advertising operations to Google and generate additional revenue.

By linking your website to Google’s ad network, you can quickly start earning ad revenue as a website owner, content creator, or online publisher without having to find and bill individual advertisers.

The primary distinction between digital and traditional advertising is that digital advertising permits greater automation of the ad sales process.

Advertisers in the print era had to negotiate directly with the owners of the media in order to place advertisements on boards at busy traffic intersections or in the pages of well-known print media. Ad tech platforms were used by advertisers and media owners to automate the vast majority of ad unit sales on websites, YouTube channels, and apps with the advent of the digital era.

Google takes a 32% and 49% cut of the revenue from display ads and search ads, respectively, for facilitating these transactions.

Google Adsense: How to Make Money

What is Google AdSense’s size?

Google AdSense is used by approximately 47 million websites, with major clients such as Forbes and the BBC.

Although Google is commonly referred to as the largest digital advertising agency in the world, it is often referred to as the world’s leading search engine. Ads accounted for close to 84% of Google’s $250 billion revenue in 2021.

Google made $1 from every $3 that was spent worldwide on digital advertisements.
Google’s advertising revenue stream brought in $210 billion in 2021.

The advantages of utilizing Google AdSense

Among the main advantages of using Google AdSense are:

-Access to the world’s largest search database, which contains over 50 billion web pages that have been indexed.
-Google’s search rankings algorithms, which lead the industry, keep users glued to the platform. Google searches are preferred by nearly 85% of internet users.
-Email, cloud sharing, mobile operating systems, navigation, and even wearable technology like Fitbit are all covered by Google’s extensive ecosystem.
-To provide advertisers with contextual targeting, it makes use of all of the data that has been collected.
– Complete control: you can choose what kind of ads are displayed on your website, how many are too many, which ad style is least jarring, where ads are placed, what kinds of ads are displayed, etc. You can also opt for auto ads, which are a “set it and forget it” option that completely automates the process.
-Google AdSense’s onboarding procedure and operations are even simpler.
– Publishers who use AdSense have access to Google’s vast advertising network.

The Keyword Planner tool in Google Ads can help you find the best niches for your website. It examines the patterns of searches.

Requirements for Google AdSense.

We must comprehend the Google AdSense eligibility requirements now that we know how Google AdSense can assist you in monetizing your content.

To be eligible for Adsense, you must answer “Yes” to all nine questions.

Are you over the age of 18?
-Do you own a website and have control over it?
-Does the content on your website stand out?
-Is it simple to use your website?
-Is there only genuine traffic to your website?
-Is your website’s content compliant with Google’s content policies, which focus on content legality and user safety?
-Is the content on your website original and free of copyright violations?
-Does your website make use of at least one of the supported languages by Google?
-Does your website provide a safe user experience?

Additional Prerequisites

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, there are additional unofficial prerequisites that may be essential to your approval by Google Adsense. These criteria more closely resemble SEO best practices that guarantee the trustworthiness of your website.

These are some:

-Be reliable: Technical pages like “about us,” “privacy policy,” and “contact us” should be hosted.
-Not really new: At the very least, you should have been operational for six months. Google and your visitors can trust your website more because of this.
-Enough traffic is present: Ad inventory on websites with too few regular visitors is not what advertisers want.

How to Make an AdSense Account Application?

To set up a Google AdSense account, here’s a quick guide to the essential requirements and steps.


-A Google Account That Works

If you use any of the numerous Google services, such as Gmail, YouTube, Android OS, etc., you probably already have one. You can’t use a Google account that was used to create an Adsense account again because only one Adsense account can be connected to each Google account.

-Original content on the web that is regularly viewed.

You have regular visitors to your own blog, website, or YouTube channel, and you created the content there.

-A phone number and address for activating payments.

You will need to provide an address and phone number that are linked to the bank account through which you want to get paid.

Step 1. Integrate Google Adsense with Your Google Account.

Add Google AdSense to your Google account to begin the process.
To get started, visit
Click the button labeled “Get Started.”
Use your Google account to log in.

Step 2. Join Google Adsense with your website.

You will be asked to enter the URL of the website where you want to display ads when you sign up for Google AdSense.
.Note: You can also select the “I don’t have a site yet” option to add it later and leave this field empty.
You must first join the YouTube Partner program and begin monetizing your YouTube videos in order to display Google Ads on your channel.
.Note: To be eligible for video monetization, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 public watch hours, no community guidelines violations, and two-step authentication enabled.
For AdSense onboarding, Google host partner websites like Blogger use a different procedure that is much faster. To begin this procedure, enter the URL and then click “Go To.”

Step 3. Give details about the payment.

Select the nation or geographic region in which you would like to receive payments for Google AdSense revenue.
Make sure you pick a location where you can get a PIN code by mail for processing future payments and where you currently live. You need to be careful not to make any mistakes because this location cannot be changed later.
Click “Start Using Adsense” after reviewing and accepting the AdSense Terms and Conditions.

Google Adsense: How to Make Money

1. Be creative and organic.

Apart from being unique, there is no single method for increasing wealth. But it can be difficult to stand out in a world with 50 billion pages.

Your best bet is to produce content naturally and cultivate a devoted following naturally. Using A/B testing options, you should also experiment with the kinds of content and ad units that get you more views and ad revenue.

2. Arbitrage with Google AdSense.

AdSense revenue can also be generated through Google AdSense arbitrage. Arbitrage in Google AdSense is when you use paid ads to get people to your website with the intention of getting them to click on ads already on your site. When your initial investment in driving traffic through paid ads is less than your income from visitors clicking on ads already hosted on your website, this strategy works.

3. Optimize and automate the inventory of ads.

The available space on your blog or website for hosting advertisements is known as Google ad inventory. Ad inventory optimization is essential if you want to get the most out of your AdSense earnings.

Automating ad inventory management is the most effective method. If you want to automate the optimization of your AdSense ad inventory and, as a result, maximize your revenue, auto ads is a great tool.

4. Become a YouTube Partner.

Every month, more than 2 billion people log in to YouTube. You can earn money from YouTube premium subscription, sponsored ads, video ads, feed ads, merchandise sales, affiliate marketing, etc. by becoming a partner with both AdSense and YouTube.

One last thought.

AdSense is a great way to make extra cash and a reliable side income. However, in order to make money with Google, you must strictly adhere to its policies, and violating them could result in being blacklisted.

Unique content that drives traffic is required if you want the network to work in your favor. Being able to sell ad units to new digital advertisers will become possible as a result of this.

This is especially true for small, new publishers awaiting the launch and profitability of their first ad unit.

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