Facebook pages are divided into two categories

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Facebook pages are divided into two categories: one that serves as an official page and one that serves as a community page. A generic like or activity, such as gardening or music, is what makes up a community page. This activity is added to, commented on, and maintained by the Facebook community if enough people “like” or like it. When you use words or phrases in your profile’s “about me” section, these kinds of pages frequently result. Facebook recently implemented this modification.

The official Facebook page is your business, organization, concept, product, band, or celebrity profile’s one-stop information source. The most appealing feature is the one-touch “like” thumbs-up, which is extremely well-liked by Facebook users. Moreover, more than 4 million individuals “like:” Pages on Facebook! So, how is the page set up?

Well, you’ll need to know exactly what your page’s name is before you can proceed. It is final and cannot be changed once you have chosen it. When you go to Facebook’s Help section, you can choose the type of page you want to create.