Excellent Methods to Get Free Leads

Excellent Methods to Get Free Leads

Regardless of whether you have an online marketing strategy in place, there are simple things you can do online right now to get free leads for your business. These methods can be used as a quick fill-in while your comprehensive marketing strategy is being set up or while your comprehensive marketing strategy is running in the background. The implementation of traditional marketing programs necessitates a significant investment of time and resources, and frequently, all you want is immediate results. Make use of these strategies to get started with your online lead generation efforts.

1. Make use of your own email signature.

You can easily adhere marketing promotions and content you want to promote in your email signature. Consider this to be free advertising space. When you, or anyone else in your company, sends an email, you may be sending a small, free advertisement while carrying on with your regular business without putting in any extra effort.

What type of content is appropriate for your email signature? Here are some points to which you should definitely link:

a) The social media profiles of the company: “Follow us on Twitter” or “Like Us on Facebook”
b) A discount or incentive for customers: Get 20% off when you refer a friend.
c) A request for action: registering for the forthcoming convention. There isn’t much room!” or “Obtain a Free Quote in Twenty-Four Hours.”
d) As soon as you finish writing the content for your email signature, send it to everyone in the company and ask them to add it to their signature. Every time someone sends an email, you now have free advertising going out.

2. Create a promotional video.

Do you have a mobile phone? You can make a video in that case. Nowadays, you don’t need a lot of money to have a professionally made video because video is becoming so accessible. Using your mobile phone, you can make your own video for free. Product videos are very popular. Make a short video about one of your best products, focusing on its interesting features and benefits, explaining what it is, and answering common questions. After publishing it on your YouTube channel, you can distribute it in any of the following ways:

a) Share it on the accounts for social media.
b) Make it available on the website.
c) Send it via email as part of a newsletter.

3. Facilitate it.

According to Hick’s Law, giving someone fewer options makes it easier for them to make a decision. The user may freeze up and not be able to make a decision due to analysis paralysis caused by a number of options. This indicates that they visit your rival’s website instead by clicking the browser’s back arrow. Make clicking on the call to action simple for your users. More people will adhere to your conversion path the simpler it is.

4. Online responses to questions

People are always asking questions on the internet, seven days a week. Some of these people are asking questions to which you usually know the answer, especially ones about your market and the goods and services it offers. Promote your company while simultaneously promoting your subject matter expertise in your field. Join online communities like Google+ Communities and Quora. You can easily link back to your website as a resource as you respond to people’s questions, bringing in additional traffic and, ideally, new leads!

5. Create a group on Facebook.

Creating a Facebook Group that has nothing to do with your business is the secret to this tip. The group’s purpose is not to explicitly promote your business, but rather to gather a target audience of people to occasionally market to. For instance, put together a group for your city. It can be referred to as “[CITY’S] Biggest Fans.” Invite anyone you know who lives, works, or might be interested in the city in some other way. It becomes a kind of City Fan Page. After that, post information about the city, statistics, and local news. After that, it’s simple to run marketing campaigns for your business, such as “The 500th fan of this web page gets a 20% discount at [YOUR BUSINESS].” Additionally, it’s a great way to expand your network of contacts and potentially generate business leads.

6. Utilize LinkedIn’s Saved Search.

Because of all the details people put about themselves into the site, LinkedIn is a great place to find people who are also in your target market. Using the information that people provide about themselves, you can easily target a specific group of people and promote them. With LinkedIn’s Saved Search feature, you can keep a list of your search criteria and set it to automatically notify you by email when new members meet your criteria. If you want to know if these people are a good fit for your products and services, you can easily interact with them on LinkedIn.


Lead generation might be simple and inexpensive. All you need to do is be willing to put in some time. Each week, set aside a few hours to experiment with one of the aforementioned methods. A small amount of work adds up to a lot of accomplishments over time.

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