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We are pleased to introduce our brand-new commercial window cleaning services at Cleaning Express. Whether you’re a London auto showroom looking for sparkling windows that perfectly showcase your vehicles. Or if you want to take in the view from your office windows, our window cleaning services in London are the best option for you.

Since a long time ago, we have wanted to offer our commercial cleaning clients window cleaning services. In any case, we realized we were unable to rush. We have trained our cleaners to deliver this level of service to both our residential and commercial clients because we know that our customers expect nothing less.

As a result, when it came time to look for cleaning companies to provide our window cleaning services, we treated them with the same care and consideration as we do for your homes and businesses. We conducted research on each London window cleaning company, met with each one, and discussed our plans to offer window cleaning services to our clients. We wanted to make sure that the window cleaning companies we used could meet the high standards set by our clients and provide all of the services they needed to keep their businesses looking great.

As you can imagine, it took some time to locate the ideal window cleaners. We also knew that while we wanted to begin offering our window cleaning services as soon as possible, we needed to hire the right people. We did, in the end. Also, we can now offer similar consideration and regard for the beyond your business as we do to within it.

Our London commercial window cleaning services We are extremely proud of our window cleaning service because we have made it possible for us to handle every kind of cleaning that is required. Additionally, we have made it simple to include this service in your current Cleaning Express package. Essentially call the Cleaning place a call, and one of our group will add window cleaning as a different cleaning administration and sort out a window cleaning timetable to suit the necessities of your business. Cleaning Express’s commercial window cleaning services include:

Services with water-fed poles for window cleaning Our window cleaners can use water-fed poles to get to the sixth floor of a commercial building. Using this service instead of hiring a cherry picker to reach high windows is much cheaper and better for the environment.

It takes a lot of training and experience to do this kind of window cleaning right, but our window cleaners are experts at it. Quickly by any stretch of the imagination, your windows will be totally spotless and look perfect. Any commercial property that is less than 75 feet tall should consider this option. We can also clean your building’s glass roofs, facades, and panels with the water-fed pole. So the whole outside of your business will look immaculate, prepared to invite clients or likely clients.

Traditional window cleaning In some commercial spaces, such as ground floor offices, storefronts, restaurants, pubs, and so forth, The fastest and cheapest choice is traditional window cleaning. Our professional window cleaners have used these tools for years and know how to clean windows quickly. They give the impression that cleaning windows is a breeze. However, if you’ve ever tried it, you know how difficult it is.

We will also clean the inside of your windows using this window cleaning method. Therefore, don’t be surprised if our window cleaners arrive with both the water-fed pole and conventional window cleaning equipment. The water-fed pole will be used to clean the exterior windows quickly and safely, and conventional window cleaning tools will be used to clean the inside.

Careful chooser and abseiling rope access
On the off chance that we can’t get to your windows with the water-took care of post or customary window cleaning administrations, we have a scope of careful selectors and stages that we can use for the gig. Furthermore, any place required, we can abseil down the structure to clean your windows too.

For these jobs, we have dedicated, fully trained window cleaners. They will be led securely, expertly, and with absolute attention to detail for the environmental elements and individuals close by. Compared to other services, this kind of window cleaning requires more planning. Therefore, if you think you might need abseiling window cleaners or a cherry picker to clean your windows soon, it is best to get in touch and schedule it as soon as possible.

Additional exterior cleaning services Our cleaners can also clean your exterior paneling, facades, and gutters in addition to cleaning your windows. So that we can make sure that the outside of your commercial property looks great. Our normal business cleaning administrations can guarantee that within looks comparably great as the outside.

How to book our window cleaning services Cleaning Express makes it easy to book window cleaning services. Just call our middle a call and book a meeting. You can likewise pick a moving arrangement for your windows where our cleaners will emerge to keep them in extraordinary condition consistently.

Don’t worry if you don’t know which window cleaning service is best for your commercial building. When you give Cleaning Express a call, we will go over each option with you and suggest a window cleaning service based on the information you provide. We can then make an oddball window cleaning arrangement for you or a moving cleaning plan for your windows.