12 Ways to Quickly Get Google Adsense Approval

12 Ways to Quickly Get Google Adsense Approval

12 Ways to Quickly Get Google Adsense Approval

I am here today to assist you in receiving Google AdSense approval. I’ve been asked about this by a lot of people, so I’ve put together 12 tips to help you get approved quickly.

Truth be told, if you haven’t been approved before, Google AdSense can be a tricky beast. It’s easy to add other websites to your Google AdSense account if you already have one that has been approved.

1) Content of a high quality is essential.

If you want to be approved for Google AdSense, one of the most crucial things you need to do is number one. That is, you must ensure that your website contains content of high quality.

Some people believe that this doesn’t matter, but it does because Google now checks websites before approving them to make sure they don’t just have Sammy content or people copying content from other websites.

They want to make sure that they don’t show up in their search results at all, so that people who try to take shortcuts won’t notice. You won’t be allowed to use Google AdSense.

Simply ensure that your website contains content of high quality. You can learn more about what Google considers to be good by reading the Google Publisher Policies.

If you do not have content of a high quality, there is a good chance that Google will deny your request because they want good results on their search engine result pages.

They are not going to monetize your website because they are aware that if they do, you will probably quit and not make any money.

12 Ways to Quickly Get Google Adsense Approval

2) Write five to ten posts.

The second point refers to content of high quality. You should have 10 to 15 high-quality posts on your website before you even apply for Google AdSense to show Google that you take it seriously and that your website has articles that can be monetized.

On average, you should have between 10,000 and 15,000 words on your website. That is a respectable number if each article has between 1000 and 1500 words. Because it demonstrates the voice of your website and helps Google understand the importance of the quality of your content, this will assist you in getting approved.

3) Create Contact and About Pages.

Thirdly, I believe that a lot of people don’t take advantage of it. Before applying for Google AdSense, a website must include an About and Contact page.

The reason is pretty clear: Google wants to know who is behind your website in order to verify its legitimacy when they review it. On the About page, you can also include the various staff members involved.

A Contact page is also essential so that all visitors to your website can get in touch with you if they need to.

You will further demonstrate that you are a legitimate business by having those two pages. When Google looks at you from the AdSense perspective, that is extremely important.

4) Create a page with a privacy policy.

Fourth, ensure that a Privacy Policy page is created. People frequently make the mistake of saying, “I don’t really know what to include in the privacy policy page.”

In all honesty, there are a lot of different generators that can be found on Google. The most crucial information is that your privacy policy must include specific language in order to be accepted by Google.

This link explains Google AdSense’s entire privacy policy, including the language they want you to include in yours. In fact, it’s not hard at all; It only requires copying and pasting.

5) Confirm that the content of the website is not restricted.

Number five is probably not given much thought by some individuals prior to creating a website. This means that you must ensure that your content is not on the restricted list.

Yes, there is a restricted list for Google AdSense. You can say goodbye to AdSense if you have a website with restricted content. That is simply the state of affairs.

6) Do not utilize copied images.

Copyrighted images should not be used. This cannot be emphasized enough. Never use an image that you took directly from Google and put on your website again.

Photographers who put in a lot of effort to publish those images are protected by usage rights. They should be rewarded for their efforts.

If all you do is go to Google and upload an image, there is a good chance that Google AdSense will look at what you have done and say, “No, we’re not going to approve you because these aren’t even your images.”

Don’t do that because it’s not a legitimate way to do things.

7) Be aware that website age can sometimes matter.

I had to include this even though it doesn’t apply everywhere; Age can have an impact on your website at times.

This isn’t as important in the United States or many other countries, but Google has specifically told people in China and India that before applying for Google AdSense, you need to have your websites up and running for at least six months.

8) Check to see if your website has been banned.

Verify that your website is not blocked. You don’t need to worry about this if you just bought a new domain and built a brand-new website (unless you were already told you were banned from Google AdSense).

9) Give the Website a Good Look.

The ninth tip is to give your website a decent appearance. This does not necessitate purchasing premium themes, but you should ensure that your website looks good.

Make sure your website has all the bells and whistles so that it doesn’t look like a bunch of old-fashioned, jumbled HTML from the 1990s that can’t be navigated.

10) Have easy access to the website.

Make sure your website’s menus are easy to understand. For the majority of people, this comes last. Most likely, they will respond, “Of course, I have a clear navigation.”

However, sometimes websites do not, or the content they use is unclear. That’s a problem because it doesn’t make the website itself legitimate. Make sure that your website’s main navigation is easy to find and reach.

11) Verify that you are at least 18 years old.

The eleventh step is to ensure that you are of legal age. To sign up for an account with Google AdSense, you must be at least 18 years old.

They ask for your birthday when you fill out an application to join AdSense. You cannot open an AdSense account if you are under the age of 18.

However, that does not mean you cannot accomplish it. Keep doing what you’re doing if you’re under 18 and if you’re awesome; It is wonderful that you are beginning so early.

12) Before applying, remove any other ads.

Here’s a hint: if you don’t know why you keep getting rejected, make sure all of the ads on your website are gone.

Even though Google says in its terms of service that you can use other ad networks with Google AdSense, someone will look at your website when you apply.

They might just say, “You know what? ” if they see a lot of ads all over the place. This website already sends out a lot of spam. They already have a lot of ads, so we won’t approve them because those other guys have already taken care of them.

During the three to five days it takes for Google to approve your application, simply remove the advertisements. You can add any other ad network you want as soon as they approve it.

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