It’s that time of year again when the nights are longer, the winds are colder, and the holiday season is upon us for most people all over the world!

The holiday season or the final quarter of the year typically boils down to two words for publishers: Expanded income.

The majority of publishers are aware that the final quarter is the time when they can earn the most or reach their sites’ maximum earning potential. Advertisers will have increased their budgets and been in a buying frenzy by the fourth quarter. A distributer must guarantee that they are prepared and that their adaptation techniques are basically as proficient as could be expected.

The publisher Ad Stack is a crucial component of everything.

A publisher’s ability to take advantage of the vast monetization potential that the holiday season will bring can greatly benefit from a stack that has been well prepared.

#1: Examine the data from last year.

For instance, if you have access to Google Analytics’ audience data from the previous year, you can check the following: Where did the majority of visitors come from, what pages they looked at, what search terms they used, and how long did they stay on your site? Your benchmark for the upcoming months will be these.

#2, speed up your website.

Your visitors will leave your website if it takes too long to load. Now is the time to check your page speed if you haven’t already. For information regarding load time issues and suggested solutions, you can make use of the free Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

#3: Be responsive to tablets and mobile devices.

Since mobile use is on the rise, you must also optimize your site’s mobile version if you haven’t already. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and picture yourself looking for what you need. Is it simple to get to? Does it load correctly? You can also request constructive criticism from a friend or coworker.

#4: Put the user experience first.

The interest and engagement of your visitors ought to be the top priority for all publishers. You will suffer greatly if you lose their trust. Produce high-quality content and frequently interact with them to attract their attention and retain their loyalty.

#5: Pay attention to your page’s hotspots.

To learn how visitors interact with your pages, make use of a heat map tool like crazy egg. Your best content should be in the “hottest” areas, and your ads should be close to it.

#6: Run a marketing campaign for the holidays.

Promoting your business online through social media platforms and other locations where your target audience frequents is essential to joining in the festive spirit. If it is not already a part of your regular campaign, you should think about using paid search and advertising. By providing your audience with the content they desire, you can entice them to visit your website.

#7: Give your ads some context.

Create content that is helpful to your visitors for the holiday season, regardless of your niche. Be sure to add holiday-themed articles to your site’s advertisements, as they are likely tailored for the holidays. You can, for instance, make gift guides or listicles that are appropriate for your audience.

#8: Ensure that your page complies with Google AdSense policies.

You would have zero desire to be prohibited during this vital time so guarantee you keep your site liberated from infringement by continuously ensuring your promotions are put appropriately and your substance all around directed. Go straight to the AdSense help page if you want a refresher or are unsure if your site changes are in compliance with any rules.

#9: Fight against deafness.

Close to promotion obstructing, advertisement visual impairment is likewise a difficult issue particularly now that distributers will just get compensated for perceptible advertisements. Examine your heat map data and play around with ad placements to make sure your ads are seen. Ad placement policies should still be followed, so don’t just put ads above the fold to make them easier to see.

#10: Make backup ads.

To get the most out of your ads, create backup ads to avoid showing ads that are blank. Make the most of this opportunity to promote seasonal businesses. The steps to take are as follows:

#11: Don’t get too stressed out.

Don’t worry too much if your website slows down during the holidays. That is, unless you are an e-commerce website. During special times of year, comprehend that individuals are occupied with making their rundowns and actually looking at it two times. It’s likely that they’re caught up in the rush during the fourth quarter of the year. Additionally, this is the ideal time to plan for the upcoming year and reflect on how you fared in the previous one.

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